It’s raining all the time

It’s raining all the time, I cannot put my clothes on the washing line.
I have not got the time to stop and wait until it stops raining
I know you think I am complaining but its raining all the time.
Always getting wet through I just don’t know what to do to keep dry because
I cannot use my washing line.

It’s raining all the time streams are running fast, the rain is making soggy grass
The rivers are running deep, breaking river bankings while we sleep and flooding homes in water so deep.
I wish it would stop raining I am trying hard not to be complaining but its raining all the time.

Its raining all the time the weather never seems to be fine, sometimes the rain is with the wind and snow I wish it would go away, to another country far away, instead of us suffering on this rainy day.

© Copyright 2014 Allan Robinson


today the rain has been really bad i put a few words together and came up with this

rain, rainy day,

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