I’ve lived this life he cried,
I’ve watched people in there lives.
I’ve seen everything in life it seems,
I’ve been in places you would never be seen.
I’ve seen views to die for too,
I’ve seen the love that was ment for you.
I’ve seen my wife pregnant once,
I’ve seen the birth of my new born son,
I’ve seen things that would make you cry,
I’ve seen men hands on there heads asking the question why?
I’ve seen friends families lovers die.
I’ve seen a new day and the rising of the sun,
I’ve seen the birds, flowers, and nature as one.
I’ve seen the sunshine I have seen the rain,
I’ve seen people crying in pain.
I’ve seen years decades pass by,
I’ve seen me get older in the passage of time.
I’ve seen you in all my dreams,
I’ve seen everything in my life it seems,
I’ve seen the past and all my dreams.
I’ve seen life and death as well,
I’ve seen and  been in the pits of hell.
I’ve seen everything on heaven and earth
and it all started at the time of my birth.
© Copyright 2015 Allan Robinson

as we go through life we look at what we have seen and done through the years

2015© Copyright 2015 Allan Robinson

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