To All them women who do washing

Washing Day Blues
Looking at my laundrette basket it’s all full,
Looks like I have a lot of washing to do
Doing the washing it’s a chore indeed
But all my clothes needing to be washed and cleaned.
Piles of dark colours both black and blue
Plenty of washing for me to do
Another mound of white clothes ready to be washed
Getting them in the washer it’s going to be a squash
In the washing powder goes just to give me cleaner clothes.
Then the softener to make clothes nice makes them soft all inside.
Time to turn the washer on turn the knob to a program that it belongs,
Then a click and you can hear the water go into the washer with my clothes.
All is quiet for a moment or two as the water heats through,
The with a rumble the drum begins to roll the washer starts to wash all my clothes
Tumbling around the washing goes to make my clothes cleaner and sweet to the nose.
Then in a second it starts empty drain off the water because there is plenty
A stop a start more water please to clear the soap suds with lots of ease.
Now the washer starts to spin its getting louder making a din
Faster, faster as it spins I think it would take off if it had wings.
Now the washers stopped the programs finished my wash day blues have diminished.
© Copyright 2014 Allan Robinson


love it or hate it washing day


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