Love hurts to all mankind from the beginning of time.
Love hurts even when it’s just begun, even when wars are won
Love hurts beneath the red hot sun, burning love has just begun.
Love hurts when you’re feeling down, but life goes on in the town.
Love hurts when it’s running wild, even as young as a child.
Love hurts when you’re happy or sad, but deep inside it makes you mad.
Love hurts in the passing of the day, when lovers have gone away.
Love hurts for years and years, and never really disappears.
Love hurts when you try to carry on, keeps reminding you of what went on.
Love hurts when the lover has disappeared and greater are those fears.
Love hurts when you search your memory, now it’s your favourite enemy.
Love hurts when you think its dead then after weeks it raises its ugly head.
Love hurts even though you’re dead, unanswered questions lovers fear to dread.
Love hurts each passing day, for all the lovers who have passed away.
Copyright Allan Robinson 2017

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