No one knew of the story of Eileen Dover,
Who was looking over cliffs when she was pushed over.
She was found dead in loads of clover
That was the sad end of Eileen Dover.
Never look over cliffs like Eileen Dover
Someone may come and push you over.
The story of Rusty bedsprings by I Pee nightly,
Truly unbelievable terrible story and very unsightly.
The story of Chin Chone China Man who couldn’t milk a cow,
Chin Chon China man he didn’t know how,
Chin Chon China man he pulled the wrong tit and was covered in s**t.
Like the story of a boy on a burning deck
picking his nose like mad
He was such a naughty little boy
Rolled them up and flicked them at his dad.
Another boy stood on the burning deck,
Pocket full of crackers.
Flame went up his trouser leg,
And polarised his knacke**.
There was a young man called Tony,
Who ate plates of Macaroni,
He got so fat he didn’t care about that,
Because he bounced when he fell off his pony.  
That dirty old man from Glogham,
He took out his balls to wash them,
his Mother Said jack if you Don’t put them back,
I will put them on the floor jump on and squash them.
© Copyright 2015 Allan Robinson


Who doesn't know a naughty ditty

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