One old dog who was walking the streets he was a stray,
Was found by police and put into a dogs home far away.
Poor old dog he was sad because he no home,
He sat in a kennel sulking all on his own.
This old dog as stressed out of his head,
With all the other dogs barking he wished they would drop dead.
But he hung on in there ate his food each day,
He waited for Annette to feed him and take him out and play.
Then one day someone came along,
Said I will have that old dog he looks real strong.
So they took him home gave him and gave new toys,
A new dog for the family they said is’t he a good boy.
Then they removed his toys when they were in the way,
The old dog didn’t like it them taking the toys away.
He bit them and he was back in the kennels the very next day.
One old dog in the kennels once more,
All the other dogs barking was such a bore.
He waited for Annette to bring him his grub,
She would let him out then he would roll in the mud.
She left empty dog dishes he would check them for food,
Lick them clean when he was in the mood.
A few days passed another fella wanting a dog,
He said he’s a handsome old dog I can see,
I want this old dog he’s the one for me.
They put the old dog in the car drove down the road,
Turned into a large drive they called something grove.
The new owners of the dog walked the old dog into the house,
It looked so clean and beautiful no spiders or a mouse.
They gave the old dog a lovely fluffy bed and a golden pillow for his head.
Big bowl of food was given he was eating they said,
But they took it off him and he bit them instead.
So the old dog back in the kennels again,
Listening to the other dogs barking they are a real pain.
When the phone rings a man on the other end,
He wants to have the old dog to be his good friend.
Annette says I know an old dog but he’s real keen,
Will have to watch him he bites and is sometimes mean,
Does’t bother me the man said if he bites me i will bite off his head.
So back in the car the old dog he jumped in,
Off to see his new owner with all his sins.
That old dog never had to rome,
Or stay in kennels on on his own.
He never saw them kennels ever again,
Because hes still living with his owner and his very best friend.
© Copyright 2016 Allan Robinson

I got a dog two years ago this is his story

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