it runs in the man's veins to be a killer

From the silence of the house,
Something tells me its okay.
From the hallway lights and the heavy pounding of footsteps,
Something tells me there will be pain.
From the furious yells and the innocent crying,
Something tells me glass will be broken.
From the constant sound of death threats and blamed tear drops,
Something tells me blood will be on his hands.
From the sound of furniture crashing and tear stained begging,
Something tells me death is knocking.
From the sound of his knife clicking open,
Something tells me we’re going to die.
All of us.

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Katharine L. Sparrow
plus de 3 ans

Wow. So frightening! The way you start each couplet with repeating words makes it all the more ominous, as if something evil is coming. Good work.


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