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The Chance I Lost

I don’t know why you make me feel this way
The feeling of want
But also the feeling of abandonment
I don’t know what you think of me now
I see you sometimes, walking in the hallway
Our eyes meet and we just look at each other
Your lips part, trying to find the right words
But in the end, your lips close and you continue staring as I give you a smile that speaks," I’m sorry. Can you come back?" But you don’t know that, do you?
Truth is, I miss you
I miss the grin you’d give me when I walked into the room
I miss your arms around my waist
I miss the way you’d look at me
I miss the way you’d act dumb just so you’d have an excuse to talk to me
I miss the way you’d say my name
I just miss you
I’m so sorry. I’m sorry for leaving. I’m sorry for realizing too late who I had
You loved me, and I loved you
Maybe someday you’ll realize that

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