You’re my gravity.
You pull me back to earth when my head’s in the clouds,
I’m grounded when I’m with you,
I’m stable for the first time in my life.
With you there are no limits,
Even though you pull me down,
You lift me up,
We’re at heights that fill the angels with fear.
I’m amazed by you,
Because you have such a handle on reality,
You’re amazed by me because I can create things,
But you kept me from falling apart.
I put wires together,
I put magnets in the right place,
You put my heart together,
You put my mind in the right place.
I pray to whatever gods may be,
That when you said you didn’t have
All that you wanted in life,
You were talking about me;
I certainly was talking about you.
You are my gravity,
You keep my head in a bitter reality.
You are my antithesis,
You keep a bitter life sweet.

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plus de 6 ans

fine take on this, really keeping the spotlight on focus. well done.

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