He’s hardened, humored, and hortatory,
He believes in harmonies that can’t be heard,
I find his brain is anchored in outer space.
I tried to find him,
On the moon, on the stars,
(Where could his mind be!)
I found it, one day, in a sea on Mars,
And realized it wasn’t quite normal.
It didn’t exist in this dimension;
I couldn’t see it, I couldn’t feel it,
But I knew it existed!
It must have been from the quantum rules,
That some particles become entangled,
And could not be separated.
For though I could not see him,
Or feel him,
His particles were entangled with mine.
When my spin changed, so did his,
No matter my location in the universe.
He would move and suddenly I could see,
All the nebulae and spiral galaxies,
I could see the stars colliding,
I could see the birth of our sun.
Because he would carry me through time and space,
Eternally attached to his quanta.
Once his particles touched mine,
We were hopelessly entangled,
And I could not leave.

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