I thought I could forget you,
If I really, really tried,
I could pretend that I had gone, that you had stayed.
I thought I could pretend.
There was nothing I wouldn’t do,
To make you happy,
To keep you sane.
That night at the hotel,
In the stairwell,
Where we danced together.
The look in your eyes.
You loved me.
I taught you to ballroom dance,
You taught me to dance in your own way,
On the balcony.
I taught you to sing,
You taught me to drive stick,
On the roof.
I taught you to trust again,
You taught me to love again,
In my heart.
I thought I could forget you,
If only I could pretend
If I could go back to how things were
Before I knew you
Before I loved you.
I was wrong.
Things will never be the same.
I miss your notes,
Your keys,
The way we struck chords,
A perfect harmony to your melody.
I would give anything,
To sit down at your bench again,
To hear the lovely notes,
To sing to your rhythm.
You’re Nocturne in E Flat Major–
So complex, but beautiful.
So perfectly difficult.
I would give anything,
To be your harmony,
But I’ll never be such.
You only need a melody,
You only need yourself.

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Zaytoen Domingo
presque 5 ans

Sweet :)

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itisinmyblood Zaytoen Domingo

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