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This Game Called Life

As I sit here I feel so very sad and lost
Little by little friends are leaving this earth
I guess when you live alone it hurts more
Nothing to fill the day with except our memories.
These friends had families that I know
Unfortunately they will grow distant
That bond that held us together is no longer there
So I’m sure their lives will go forward, as it should.
The cycle of life will forever go on as will death
It is an inevitable part of being human
One day is happy yet then comes a day that’s very sad
Our emotions go through so many highs and lows.
It’s a wonder that our Hearts can keep up and still survive
We just never give in because we want to be alive
We tend to somehow mourn but recover to find
We are not alone, there are others in This Game Called Life.


Just reflecting on Life and how it's like a game. We reach a point where we loose the ones we love but turn around and subject our Hearts to friendships again knowing either they or ourselves will die. It's just part of being human and our need for companionship. As long as we are breathing I feel we need that closeness even if it will one day die. Love nurtures and I believe it is so important that it allows us not to be alone. To be alone is like a slow death.

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