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The Lesson

As I look out at the world I don’t like what I see
Because my Heart has been tricked and deceived
I use to believe that this was a wonderful place
Yet now I’m imprisioned in such a small space
My heart was what I gave most of all
My kindness was used against me
If I had just been less giving and didn’t care
Perhaps my heart wouldn’t be broken beyond repair
I mourn that happy girl and give in to a lady who’s sad
Why would these people want to hurt me so bad?
I don’t need all these users who have treated me so wrong
I now see them as weak and I’ve become strong
One day I hope I will get past this and not be so bitter
I hear this little voice saying don’t give up your not a quitter
But don’t forget the lesson they’ve taught you so well
They will wish they had treated you better, when they are all in Hell!


When I was going through a rough time I couldn't believe the people who I loved and was always there for, did nothing for me, not even a shoulder to cry on. My sister and my two brothers. Thank God for my younger son. He was there for me no matter what. They taught me a great lesson. Such a shame and at such a cost!

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