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Clocks are ticking softly in my head
My time is surely coming to an end
I light another and inhale it in
Thinking about everything I wish I had said
I often wonder if you do the same
But I know deep down you never felt the same
I fell in love with you
And you fell in love with the game
You were hurting because of her
So you wanted a distraction
I’m glad I knew you
But sometimes I wish it never happened
You led me on
And I thought we were something
And I’m getting fed up of always feeling like nothing
Maybe I should say what I’m thinking now
But we haven’t talked in a month
And I’m not looking to start a war
I just need to understand that head of yours
Even after you stuck a dagger through my chest
You should know that I still love you the best
And I wish it was easier for me to move on
There’s this boy who I’ve been seeing
But it doesn’t feel right to call him mine
Maybe one day I’ll understand why
But for now I’m stuck hearing this time
Ticking away with every inhale I take
With this disease of love and all this nicotine

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