Dear Mother,

There’s this man that I’ve known
And he’s left me for someone better
It’s hard to imagine even though we never
Really were together
We talked all night and saw each other everyday
For three straight months
He didn’t say goodbye
He didn’t explain why
He just stopped  calling me
And ignored me as I passed by
There’s this drug that I’ve known
and he got me addicted again
To nicotine in the form of cigarettes
I carry a pack in my hand
That will only last for a day or two
Until it eats up all my money
And leaves me feeling blue
There’s this feeling that I get
Of absolute nothingness
Of not knowing and insecurities
I’ve been lied to, cheated, and made a fool of
All for the gain of somebody else
I’ve been trying so hard
I’ve been working a lot
I go to class and then straight to work everyday
But I’m just nineteen years old
And my face is starting to fade
At such a young age
How did I ever get this far?
My lungs are deteriorating
My heart is in knots
My stomach is cancerous
And my mind feels as though it’s been shot
So when you ask me how I am
And I say I am great
Know that I’m lying
To protect you

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