Time For A New Job

I was laughing on the bench at work
Smoking with my friend
You walked out of the store your ex –girlfriend held your hand
I didn’t really think much of it
Until you starting touching her
You walked her to her car
And you made the move first
My face turned pale and white and I was faint
And my friend helped me inside
Why do I let you do this to me?
I’m fucking up my own life
She held my hair back as I threw up
Over the thought of you back with her
But I cleaned myself up and dried my tears
Because I had to get back to work
We spent the next three hours in awkward silence
You clearly knew you hurt me
I keep making excuses saying that you’re a great guy
But your actions cut me so deep
As I was leaving you grinned at me
And I knew there was a devil in your heart
For you knew what we were and you threw it away
And laugh it off
Because I’m your joke

Working for someone you were involved with is the absolute worst when you don't know where you stand and it's been the shittiest week.

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