Till Forever and The Depths of the Seas

There never really was an us
We never let it get that far
Somewhere along the way
What once seemed like a promising relationship
Turned into lust
But it’s been months since the last time we’ve really talked
I walk past you everyday
But you have lost that sparkle in your eye
When you call my name
You’ve lost that crooked smile when I’m stumbling over
The words I’ve been trying to say
My chest is filled with this burning rage
Of feeling like I’ll never know where we went wrong
Maybe it just wasn’t meant to be
But it’s months later now and I still wonder everyday
If you’ve thought about me
Heaven knows I’ve thought about you
Every damn day of my life
Since the day we’ve meet
I miss the smoothness in your voice
That comforted me like my favorite blanket from my childhood
I miss the awkward silences driving in your car
When your radio was broken and neither of us
Had any thoughts to say
I miss the way you first kissed me
The way we walked for hours at midnight
The way we smoked cigarettes till the morning
While talking about our futures on a park bench
I regret never being able to watch the sunrise with you by my side
I regret never telling you that you still are the only man for me
I regret all of the unsaid words that have left us in the emptiness
Drowning ourselves in anything and everything to forget each other
I need you and even if you don’t feel the same way
You should know I love you

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