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What If

I drive alone singing along to all the songs
That remind me of you on the radio
Smoke fills my car and intoxicates my lungs
But I don’t mind because I’m trying to move on
I passed this gold car down on mill road
It was gold and the sun hit the mirrors just right
To remind me of that sparkle you get in your eyes
That car meant a lot to me
I hope you don’t think this is strange
But I saw it and got lost in your eyes all over again
I don’t need to be with you to see into your soul
I just feel like I’ve know and will always know
But I can’t help but wonder how you’ve been
Not a day goes by that you don’t pass through my head
I close my eyes and I’m breathing in
But I’d rather be lying next to you
In your bed
I know you think I’m crazy or possibly not interested
But I will always be interested
You’ve always got my attention
I wrote you this poem that I’ll probably never share
But I’m still driving around feeling the wind through my hair
We used to go for midnight drives
To anywhere doing everything
While speaking are minds
I would do anything to go back to the night
Where the ocean was humming
And there were lights in the sky
We sat on the lifeguards chair
And watched the moon
Your hand was intertwined with mine
And we were just silent all night
We watched the waves crash and fade
And somehow we managed to do the same thing
It’s awful to think that I could’ve caused this lost
But I don’t know where we went wrong
Because neither one of us will talk
Maybe it’s better to leave things unsaid
But I still often wonder
And always ask what if

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