When I grow really old
I may have to do yoga
Full time, to get out
The aches and creaks.
When I grow really old
I may have to write
Poetry, all day,
To keep my spirit
When I grow really old
I may have to be an avid
Bird watcher, from
Morning to dusk.
When I grow really old
I will play my guitar
And give you a song
For the rest of your life
To sing and think of me.

A poem for fun! 9/20/20

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Charlotte B. Williams
28 days

We’re getting there, but not quite yet. I hope that in spirit we’ll always be young.
I agree with Vic. It was fun to read.

Barb Clarke
Barb Clarke
28 days

Thanks Charlotte, I do think there are some things that do not age and that is the love in our heart !

29 days

When you really grow old, I will be older LOL.

Thanks for the fun read.

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