Maybe you had to leave
In order for me to find something real
Like they did on a cable tv show once
To find the needle in a haystack
If you’d like to quickly or otherwise
You’ve gotta set the hay on fire
You gotta burn it all
What good will it do
Making bales
When there are so many holes that need mending
I don’t know if I’ve found any needles
And god knows
I’ve burnt down nearly every barn I
Ever built
But I swear they keep getting better
Getting redder
And it feels good
building something
Even if the needles are merely myth
It’s the exercise
How I learned to
Start fires
Raise buildings
Let go
Start again
I read something in a bible that
Hangs over me like judgement day
It was list
Short and unfinished
Scribbled on a piece of paper torn from another book
And it hoped
Among other wishes I can’t recall
That I would be independent
I know you must have written it
Under directive from a Sunday school teacher
Preaching the ways of
Godly child rearing
And what did you get
A woman who is not
Your daughter or
God fearing
Still, at least one of us has
lived up to the other’s potential

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