I think it was in her gut
A sense
And a healthy bacteria
The faint blue lines
That frame every erased wrong answer
I can’t solve the word problems
And I can’t solve hers
They’re buried in other mountains
They’re saved in a track phone
I wanted the words to say
“I’m trying”
Because she’s trying
Laughing in my native language
teeth marks all over the wooden pencils
I’d just pour if I could read the stories
Locked in her eyes
Below the scarf
English means
I’ll never get them out of there
I’ve got twenty dollars
That says money does buy happiness
Builds wells
And purchases coups
Bakes bread
And her size shoes
I’ve got twenty dollars
That can’t pay rent
I’ve got twenty dollars
And nothing else left
I’d give it to her
Once a week
And until I’m dry
Go ahead and tell me
‘Bout all those things money
can’t buy
I had some once
I bought a plane ticket
I bought the ocean
And the dessert
the postcards for you to share it with
When she nods “yes”
But in the foreign way
Side to side
It makes me feel small
Like I gotta give up my secrets
Like I gotta empty my pockets
Write her papers
Follow her inside
If she wanna fix some tea
I wanna hear a story
Take my shoes off at the door
Play with the baby
They have names like spells
Voices like curses
They have nothing
Left, save the virtues
They play soccer like dancing
spin sugar for syllables
They’re burning for my taxes
and bullets

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