This is reality.

It’s a strange world, the one we live in...
Or maybe it’s the people...
You see, we try to not live in the past, by studying it,
Overlooking the fact that it’s the past, which meets the future, and creates the present,
But which moment can we determine is the present?
For all we know the present was 5hrs ago, 10hrs after. Perhaps, it’s "5 o’clock" somewhere and the time is now...
However, who we are now just might be a mystery to us.
We define ourselves, by the money we make, the company we keep, the jobs we do, and the things we know...
We eat, breathe, excrete, and basically coexist with people who do the same, plus minus other vicarious life motions.
We are not weighted by gold, or company, or paper weight cash.
They would not pay our weight in people, or time, nor gems or air.
They would not pay our weight in the knowledge we bear, nor the tasks we complete.
Yet we still claim worth, material worth.
Why can’t we be weighted in the people we are? In the past? In the present? In the future?
Why can we not see that just because WE look back, that history can’t look forward?
We have created a world of technology, CAPABLE of incapacitating every living person.
CAPABLE of creating machines, mechanical labour, knowledge systems far more advanced than we can fathom.
Yet we still weight ourselves in our possessions.
We are not gold.
We are not a resource book for information.
Yet, we still manage to reiterate the past, in order to create a better future for our young...
RATHER than focusing on a better now for the present...
This TECHNOLOGY we created, in masses.
Has evolved into our daily lives as the social norm.
We no longer pay the same attention to people that we do to things.
Talking becomes texting.
Confrontations, good or bad, become phone calls.
I miss you’s are just mere echoes of fingers tapping against glass, or plastic, even metal.
We pay more attention to computers than we do our family.
To our phones, more than friends.
To television more than the conversations, and entertainment we can gather from one another.
Rather than learning our history through our family lines, we are taught the past through textbooks, and through written knowledge.
We don’t get to live through experiences with loved ones.
We don’t get to feel the pain they once did.
But rather, we are fed the pains of others..
We are taught to fix problems that weren’t ours in the start, but we must complete them as if they were our own.
See, this is the line between the past, and the future.
Not the present but the very presence it crumbles under.
This is why it is not the world that is strange, but the people.
For it is the world that knows that the past is foolish because we are taught to fix problems that weren’t ours.
We are taught to dig up the past and resurface tensions that should have long been forgiven
Rather than creating a new presence that is a positive for the future.
We create the past, by reliving it.
And thus, we are strange


The beauty of human nature. That is all.

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