You're lying to yourself

Never have the pangs of desolation clung so close to me,
The world is as beautiful as an ice castle, lights so clearly bouncing from sharp peak to sharp peak,
Cutting through the glass walls like ice melting on your tongue,
In this light, the shadows seem almost seamless in the way they cling to your hands like cast away nets,
or dim coves,
It appears that the world is just a small cloud floating above itself the way pain flutters in your eyes,
There are no larger things than the way hurt can create sutures to long forgotten wounds,
Or the way shadows can create light in timeless air,
The way it feels to see the world melt is almost soothing,
The way it feels to crumble beneath the surface like iron writhing at its core,
Or magnesium burning with no avail,
I can’t imagine fading away with the light, or diminishing my shape,
But maybe to flow, it takes melting,
For water cannot form off peaks that are cold from the core, and not from the surface,
Jewels of liquid form on the peaks and it is with that, that the world is shattering with everything it once knew
Melting in ways that display life in their lifeless dribbles,
I cannot focus on much more than the conundrum of colours that have unravelled below,
Or the way the water seeps through the shards like lava unfolding from the peak of their volcano,
Maybe all it takes is a little melting to understand true desolation
But maybe it just takes the eyes to focus on more than just colour or light,
But feelings.
You cannot become an ice fortress as a human,
Unless you watch the world melt in front of you,
Like coal mines, crumbling at the core
You will simply cater and become no more than mist in this dim lit world of paradoxical peace,
If man is to become ice, he fades with humanity,
And becomes no more than the darkness clinging to the light with raw hope
But no fear
The moment I became statue in that fluid marble,
Was the moment I watched the world fail,
As it melted,
I become colder,
I became no more than a medium for the light to cling on,
Or the darkness to drown under,
As weird as it was,
My coldness didn’t need melting
I’ve never needed to melt, no
It was as simple as casting a net into the ocean,
Or finding the light in a dim cove
I sublimated against the pale sky,
I didn’t need SUBSTANCE,
I only needed particles, moving faster than the wind, and more fluid than the sea
and all I could do was watch the world dissolve into the gaseous crystals
As the world melted,
I absorbed the liquids,
And as they became colder,
They became a part of the light that grazed the sky,
The shadows of your face,
The pain in your eyes,
I have never been so alone...

My loneliness in words.

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