My mind is reeling towards uncanny thoughts,
I cannot stop my thoughts from taking place, nor can I change the path, at which they coincide with numbness,
I cannot feel as you all feel, flanked with emotion unstable by the feelings once felt that no longer exist there anymore,
I am not afraid of the unknown as you are afraid of the truth,
I would rather wander into the dark shadows with nothing but my wit at my side and my hands in pocket,
Than sit and ponder the idea of feeling…
In order to FEEL, you must do and live as if you are in fear.
If you wish to sit and stop a while to question what exactly it is you feel when you are afraid,
You will unimaginably come up with the wrong circumstantial evidence,
For in order to feel fear,
You must install the very fear itself in the hollowness of your derived emotion.


Yet another original, written to portray fear. Thank you.

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presque 7 ans

Wow I like this a lot. Very insightful x


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