An extension of "Behind Closed Eyes."

Swallowing hard at the lump in my throat
and exhibiting instinctual caution,
stiffness of numb legs hesitantly lurches
mind forward. A lone-note, tempered tune;
esoteric hum leaks from the gate’s sagging,
skeletal jaws. Dehydrated wind awakens the
atmoshpere to a skiddishly giddy
buzz of alive.
Resulting in superficial slivers of sun being spun
into tiny droplets of water before fizzling back into nothing,
cycling for another attempt. Misty, humid heat is heavily evident,
warmly settling soul’s queasy shiver. Washed by sudden stillness,
swelling to fill until stretching the seams,
expanding further awareness.
Recalling sense of purpose, reservations are forgotten.
Seeking shelter beneath silence, a whispering spirit
desires audience from a lonely singing soul,
who’s busy wishing spirit had an ear to catch her falling song.
Clingy echos clap at my drums attentively, eager for my trailing.
Quickly inhaled swiftness of breath crosses the threshold,
I follow tightly behind.
Steadily holding hope, I fervently turn to face faith.
Surroundings seemingly slip, fading fast, then back again.
Largely unaware that I’m now weightless,
floating in free roam,
fractured images begin contorting then conforming
amidst chaos, finally sliding together alone.
Revealing, piece by tiny piece, a realm recycled in reality
with nonsensical speed. Earth, in all her glorious majesty,
grins a glowing, toothless smile.
Gleaming at what my eyes are seeing suspended before her sighs,
my breath flees in exuberance while rushing to her bosom
and not back to mine. Mostly unaware of un-breathing,
encapsulated by captivation,
I wish to inhale this experience and
become part of it’s whole. Instead, stained by her cobalt stare;
knowing that all things must reach eventual end,
I close my already closed eyes once more.
Double-dark and one-dimensional,
enigma of our world is clearly apparent
from this perspective. I intend to dominate the unknown
internal sanctuary and consciously steer its vessel
in the direction of my choosing.
Thought evolves to escape setting,
exploring countless potential perceptions...
Behind Closed Eyes:
Access Granted...


free verse, commentary/philosophy

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about 6 years

a beautiful part 2

Cory Garcia
about 6 years

It felt like a powerful journey of discovery... where I was able to transcend myself and become one with everything... "exploring countless potential perceptions..."Thank you... this is quite wonderful!

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Cory Garcia

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