Violent sobs mark heavy shock of devastation
presented all too unreal.
Forsaken by your dying breath
and left to myself within dark confines
of delusional denial to slowly decompose,
numb and unopposed.
Completely crushed;
eternally wounded
by the empty weight
of heartache that now
occupies your ever-present
Tears are replaced
only by years
as the passage of time offers little more
than consolation’s contradiction
while simultaneously
bleaching precious memories.
Your smile,
once gleaming,
disintegrates upon my mind’s silver screen
like dying candle light clinging to a spent wick;
leaving only echoes of darkness...
Angry and abandoned, I am your only lasting legacy...
The final standing heir to tragedy.


A grieving piece. I was feeling angry and sad about the death of my father and exercised those feelings by way of writing... Free verse style.

Grief, mourning, free verse, dad

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Cory Garcia
about 6 years

Those little rips are what allow your passions to flow... 4 chambers are simply not enough to house the music that flows through your veins... thats why its not in our hearts where the people we love reside but in every ounce of our being and in every one of our creations...GLYASDI sister poet :)

about 6 years

Thanks Cory!... I'm almost a bit ahsamed of this write. I feel like my emotional anger is far too apparent; I wish to remember him tenderly for all times.

Cory Garcia
about 6 years

Beautifully done!"like dying candle light clinging to a spent wick;
leaving only echoes of darkness..."Love this line :)

about 6 years

Lool seen

about 6 years

Wow! Thanks Steven! And I love your name by the way, my eldest son is named Steven as well. Same spelling and all! 8^)

about 6 years

Love this!

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