All alone in my room; I speak out to spirits,
If they talk back I surely don’t hear it...
I ask many questions; I need some advice.
They simply may not wish to chatter tonight.
I speak out again, in a friendlier tone
And take a deep breath as I enter their zone.
My eyes open wide as a portal appears,
I feel a kind presence quite close; drawing near.
I again begin talking, and offer my name.
I assure them that I’m ever humble and tame,
Attempting to convey no intentions of  harm,
Trying too hard not to signal alarm.
Sensations subdue most all of my senses.
An electric arrival, all but pretentious.
Watching with thrill as they scurry about,
They’re here with me now, I haven’t a doubt!
Inaudible voices speak tender and true
And inform me of all of the things I must do.
I thank them aloud as they bid me good night
Succumbing, once more,  to a spirit’s free flight.


This poem was written upon accepting a challenge from a fellow poet. I can't seem to remember exactly what that challenge was, but this little piece was the end result.

I'm always up for a challenge, so if you have one, be sure to let me know...

rhyming quatrains, supernatural, sci-fi, spirits

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over 6 years

As are you, so the compliment you've bestowed is worth double or even triple value... I sometimes have a little trouble with getting the initial spark for a new piece, therefore challenges are suitable for me. 8^)

james matthew coleman
over 6 years

You're great poet :) - Challenge; Yourself.

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