Gentle waves of Hello
Softly kissing the sparkly shore...
The wind sings Ancient songs of Love
As the horizon whispers silent Promises...
Sun warmly speaking of Truth and Light
While invisible auras tickle my Senses...
Memories raise like Fingerprints
Tenderly illuminating the Darkness...
Giggles echo through my Sacred Space
Playing hide and seek with my Inner Thoughts...
Have I awoken to a Dream`~`~
Or could this be my Splendid Reality?
A solid experience of innocent Love and Beauty...
Who am I to inquire?
I AM merely the Dreamer, blindly grasping at the Reigns.
The unseen Weaver of my Own Realization...
Callyope Coleman


This poem is to be read slowly and softly, as if in a trance. I wanted to generate a feeling of total tranquility within the reader. Upon writing this piece, I was in a state of deep relaxation myself after a period of meditation. I'd hoped to share this moment of serenity with at least one other person.

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over 6 years

Or maybe it runs even deeper, maybe we're reading the same book! That's the impression I get, anyway. Your work stirs emotions within me that I cannot explain, as I hope mine does for you...

over 6 years

oh, I doubt it lol, I'm just me thinking me thoughts. But they also say that, like attracts like, maybe it's just that we're reading the same page :) anyway, thanks for the complement.

over 6 years

I couldn't have said it better myself. I've been told that great minds think alike... I may have met my

over 6 years

I see the Shaman in you here. Meditation is an amazing point of exploration, and it helps creativity through the longing and desire to share the feeling of being connected.


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