I’ll stalk you like a shadow in the darkest of night,
always by your side but remaining out of sight.
I’ll bring you dire pain while I promise untold glory,
and quickly numb your spirit so you’ll do my bidding for me.
I am the ageless Bringer of Chaos! The murderer of dreams!
Consuming endless souls for command by selfish means.
I’ll deeply weigh upon you as I feed off of your youth,
and distort your very vision, causing long-lost sight of truth.
I pray for your decay and I’ll witness your demise,
A whisper of a chance says I’ll forever close your eyes.
You became such easy prey upon our very introduction.
If I haven’t made it clear, I desire your destruction.
With suffocating, black-iced breath I’ll silence dark despair.
A tortured slave of longing, you’ll expire without care...


rhyming quatrain couplet, supernatural, sci-fi, dark

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over 5 years

This piece is really good beautifully described and I can relate, I really feel the oppression this unknown force has upon the spirit and mind. You did a really good job I like it!

over 6 years

Sometimes the dark side prevails, but only sometimes...

over 6 years

A dark spirit, where does this one come from? I like it in that you have put me in the eyes of the harbinger, or at least that's how I read it, like I was seeing through this specters eyes rather than hearing it from a distance.

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