With childlike wonderment...

I’ve managed to befriend a Star,
I see him every night.
He twinkles quite excitedly
Causing much delight...
All I have to do is look,
I’m certain he’ll be waiting.
Although, he never will be still,
He sparkles like he’s shaking.
Flirting while he changes color,
Always energetic and bright
His behavior truly suits him,
Being created of light...
Eager to see me as well,
I could never be ignored.
He glistens in the heavens
Like moonlight from a sword.
I keep this friend quite close
For he holds a secret...
He promised he would tell me
If I promised I could keep it.
It’s more like ancient wisdom,
He thoroughly explained.
But don’t get too excited,
Keep all emotions tamed.
Please retain your focus
I hope you understand....
Find a solid center
And declare it Sacred land.
Put down your doubts and fears,
I wouldn’t steer you wrong.
If you listen to my words,
The results won’t take long.
Don’t forget the balance
I assure you this is key.
Moderation in all things
Will lessen negativity.
Accomplish these simple tasks,
And the world is in your hands.
Mold and shape your destiny
As though it were wet sands.
I hope I haven’t angered him
By going against my word.
To keep this to myself
Would be terribly absurd.
I took a risk by telling you
Some things I shouldn’t share.
But my Star is altruistic,
He really shouldn’t care...


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about 6 years


over 6 years

And to you; I smile and wink and send you my humble gratitude!

james matthew coleman
over 6 years

Your ninth stanza here, is yelling at me sis. Make it stop, okay?Great piece, you are an artist.

almost 7 years


about 7 years

Thank you! Crazy as it may sound, this is a true story... I bet I could take the first half of this poem and turn it into a children's book! I'll have you do the illustrations for me! I'm not even kidding :)

about 7 years

I can't tell you how beautiful this is, I think I could illustrate a picture book to this, I see it so clearly :)

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