Inspired by a friend and fellow poet, '''Cory Garcia''', and his love of passionate poetry.

'0 - < - * - > o:) O (: o < - * - > - 0'
Fantasies rise of my one truest love
 Running as red as his dark, distilled blood.
Vibrantly intimate; stealthily full...
 A pure heart not knowing inflections of cruel.
Aroused and enraptured by rebel appeal;
 My hunger for him is of something unreal.
His smoky aroma defines deep inspiration...
 His brisk, rustic tang tempts true intoxication.
Thick visions of skin flood my tongue with wet splashes
 I dream of his deeply rich texture in flashes...
Oh, how I long for his warming embrace;
 For it is he I could never replace!
My soul commits stark to rejoice in his birth
The proof, now a poem; thus, will never lose worth.
His blessing, a gift, that grows sweeter with time.
For, my one love truest is the finest of red wine....
           '0 - < - * - > o:) O (: o < - * - > - 0'


Cory had inspired the creation of this piece by presenting me with a poetic challenge in which I accepted probably way too quickly and with far too much enthusiam considering I previously knew nothing at all of the subject matter that was the basis of his challenge... His challenge - "WRITE A PASSIONATE LOVE POEM WITH THE OBJECT OF YOUR OBSESSION BEING '''PINOTAGE'''." I didn't have even the slightest inkling as to what a "pinotage," was, but I jumped at the chance for a challenge despite my ignorance... For those who are still wondering, pinotage is a brand of red grape native to South Africa used for winemaking. I can only guess that it was Cory's own profound love of wine (red wine) that provoked this particular challenge.

Well Cory... I gotta tell ya, it was extremely difficult and a total blast; effortlessly owning up to its title as a true "CHALLENGE!!!" Thanks so much for devising such an exercising poetic workout and for sharing in this experience with me... I hope I didn't disappoint, but most of all, I hope you love it! 8^)

rhyming, pinotage, wine, red wine, romance, obsession, passion

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james matthew coleman
about 6 years

Wow. So completely romantic, you've shared your chills with me.

Cory Garcia
about 6 years

Absolutely! What do you have in mind :)

about 6 years

Honestly, yours might be the single most beautiful and poetic reaction to my craft of passion (other than my own hehe) that i've ever recieved thus far... I extend my deepest gratitude and take a bow; as I'm truly honored to have been challenged by such a distinguished poet; a voice as loud as it is unique and a mind for poetry fully romantic and free. The way you feel for this write is truly the ultimate reward any writer might seek from an audience.So... You feelin' froggy? I just might have a task for you, if you're up for it... 8^o

Cory Garcia
about 6 years

What a wonderful way to wake up :)You never disappoint!!! The power of a woman... who adeptly donned the cloak of both poet and muse... This one drew me in... pressing my heart... in its wanton embrace... its firm grip of love surrounding me... its dream filled sighs squeezing most deliciously... every ounce of passionate love... my mind could envision... my attention held as wordfilled breaths caressed most adeptly... my body relieved of all defenses... as feelings of warming bliss... flow as perfect and effortless as your words... and with each vigorous breath... builds an even stronger desire... for my sweetly dark "Pinotage Mirage"...You've done AMAZINGLY!!!Congrats sister poet! You lived up to your name :)BTW: This one would blow anyone away as a reading ;)

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