Floating like a feather in a foriegn fantasy
Sailing on vibrations of a higher frequency
Dancing in a hidden realm of love’s genuity
To songs of angels singing in perfect harmony.
Is an ever fleeting level of pure tranquility,
I can take you there if you wish to follow me.
It’s right above the stars and just below the sea
Swimming on the clouds and resting in a tree.
I seemed to have discovered it by accident, you see,
And wish to share this gift with you in all sincerity.
So take a breath, close your eyes, and slowly count to three.
Simply drop the doubts and fears that cause uncertainty.
Open wide the heart’s windows, and let your mind be free.
It can’t remain elusive if you search incessantly...


rhyming quatrains/spiritual/philosophical

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james matthew coleman
almost 7 years

Incessant it is.

about 7 years

Thank you so much! And thanks for sharing you thoughts about this one :)

about 7 years

That is such a meaningful poem! :) absolutely love it...

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