Spirit of the Moon

O’er these moors and through these hills
Lie the bed of spirit’s, good and ill
But those whose anger holds natures power
Ride fast, stead fast within days last hour
This land is a land where phantoms roam
Their cold hands reach across the fields
Some walk from past to future where no age is home
Walk endless years, their fate unsealed
The Beast whose soul is wind, fated alone
behind fly my feet across ages doom
upon and beneath the pagan moon
©Catherine Renee Stanger


not my best i admit...but once again I'm on the subject of ancient pagan rites and ghost....paranormal...i can't resist...ill try harder next time..

Note ** all my poems are copyrighted and have codes to prove ownership ... While I doubt anyone here does this ..still have to say Don't steal other people's work wether a poem is good enough or not .... It's personal and directly speaks from the soul of the writer and to take their work and say it's yours ..it's wrong and unnatural ..your stealing a peice of them ...it's nothing to do with money or rights...it's so much more than that...its happened to me .. It can happen to anyone .. It hurts and I always speak out against it even if to most it seems pretentious...


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