Semper Fi

I’m always a Marine ~ It never goes away.
From the time I wake to when I hit the hay.
Always high n’ tight ~ Always squared away.
Very Disciplined. Ooh-Rah is what I say.
I’ve fought on sandy beaches and in mountains of red clay.
I’ve been a lot of places from Diego to Bombay.
And, I love my ladies naughty…Yeah, abit risqué.
SemperFi means Always Faithful ~I’ll never stray.
Now, I might be older with a touch of silver-grey.
But, I still wear Camoflauge to this very day.
And, I’ll always be a Marine even til’ the Lords’ Day.

I read somewhere you can't write a Rhyming Poem ending in 'ay'. -(So, I wrote one).

Marines, Semper Fi, oohrah, devildog, gungho, usmc

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