Christy’s a feisty, cute kitty
with fur, fluffy and pretty.
Strong legs to jump up high
and a purrr that makes me sigh.
Her sweet meows’- talk to me
from way up in our tree.
She waits for critters to pounce,
jumping from tree, to wall, to house.
Her balance great, her steps keen
that tongue of hers keeps her clean.
She’s out chasing lizards, birds and mice.
And all these things in my house, Nice.

Written for a friends special cat.

Cat, kitty, purrr, critters, lizards, birds, mice

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almost 5 years

ok i love cats to much to ever see anything wrong with any cat eyes would never see nothing but the cutest poem I'm very biased..not that theres anything wrong with it at all, its just if there was i wouldn't see it.....i love my cats and cats in general.. to the point of weirdness..owell what can you do....hurray for cats and your fluffy purrrrfect poem...see what i did there? brilliant right? right?! i bet I'm the first to ever do it....i amaze myself sometimes ..don't know where it comes from..hehe...

Ceasar Poet
Ceasar Poet
almost 5 years

It comes from that beautifully creative mind, you Thank you for your wonderful comments.

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