You can start anytime that you like.
Once learned, It’s like ridin’ a bike.
Very Easy to learn ~How To Woo.
Your Baby, Your Hunny, Your Gal, Your Boo.
For a strong enough bond to hold the both of you.
Caring and Appreciation are both essential, too.
Respect and Admiration are all a corner stone.
And, on those a foundation begins to take form.
Show some Confidence, to a girl ~there’s nothing Sexier.
And, Whisper in her ear; that she can’t be any Prettier.
Just be Natural– in everything you do.
And learning to be Spontaneous can really help you too.
You gotta…Make Her Laugh with a good Sense of Humor.
Be Sensitive, Show Interest ~if you really want to ‘Woo’ her.

Just be Natural- in everything you do.

Woo her, woo, love, caring, appreciation

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