Oh God keep our soldiers, as their fighting in this war.
Lord have mercy on them, and the cause their fighting for.
We’re so concerned about them, as they go into these lands.
We ask that they would have your strength, to conquer and to stand.
As they fight in this war, Father keep them full of hope,
and  let them know whatever comes, that you will help them cope.
Oh God!!! we care about these men, we love them very much.
So Father take them in your arms, and touch them with your touch.
Oh God!!! our hearts are crying, so hear our prayer today,
that our soldiers Lord will be discharged, and come back home to stay,
Lord whatever they must face, Oh God just be right there,
and we thank you in advance Oh Lord, for answering this prayer.
H.S.I. (c) 2015-19.

A prayer from the heart, ( FromThe Spirit)

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Ingeborg von Finsterwalde/Waltraud I Mack
about 5 years

The good Lord is hearing this powerful and sincere prayer. God bless you too Charlotte for asking "His " blessings !

Charlotte B. Williams
about 5 years

Thanks for serving our country, I'm so glad you are safe.

Robert L. Martin
about 5 years

I was lucky When I was in the army, it was during peacetime. The War in Viet Nam hadn't fully heated up yet. I got out just in time. But if I had to fight, I would have done it, and prayed for the best. I hope that every soldier makes it through the war in good health.

Charlotte B. Williams
about 5 years

Our soldiers really need all our prayers at this time. Thanks for the comment, and thanks for the agreement.

Angel Lady (Sandi Guidotti)
about 5 years

This is so beautiful and I agree. They give of themselves so we can stay free. I wish for no more wars as so many of these men and women have suffered so. Wish each one to come home whole. Bless you for your prayers to God. God Bless you, Sandi.

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