The gift of God, is Christ His Son,
The Lamb Of God, the Holy One.
So precious was the life He lead,
So precious was the Blood He shed.
Oh Christ! beloved Son of God.
You gave the greatest sacrifice.
Your life for us you freely gave.
To pay the awful, costly price.
They hated you, they put you down,
and placed upon your head a crown.
Enduring all for me you died.
Hurt, and bruised, and crucified.
Now you're Alive ! To leave us never,
The gift of God is ours forever.
and I'll have all eternity,
To enjoy, Gods Greatest gift to me.
H.S.I. By Charlotte B. Williams
(c) 2019.

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Charlotte B. Williams
over 1 year

Thanks for reading. Have a blessed Easter everyone.

Nelson D Reyes
over 1 year

He is Risen on the third day to be with you and me shepherding us back to the Garden of Eden this time the trees are laden with ripe sweet fruits for the taking sans fear and regret.

Like. Thanks Charlotte

over 1 year

A timely seasonal poem two weeks before Easter. Nice poem

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