Sons are those a mother loves,
and bears within her heart.
Whether they are near to her or even far apart.
It matters not because her love,
for them will never change.
No matter where they go her love
will always be the same.
She has a youngest boy, who is her pride and joy.
She has an older one, who is a loving son.
A middle son close to her heart,
she loved them from the very start.
She praises God for all He’s done,
she praises Him for all her sons.
A mother has to live by faith,
she always has to watch and pray.
That God will keep her sons from harm,
and safe within His loving arms.
She’s glad when one will take the time,
to bring his life with God in line,
and make his path in God to shine,
cause God is always on his mind.
It’s wonderful to have born sons,
a gift from God the Holy One.
I’ll always be so grateful for,
this gift of God, the sons I bore.
I thank you Lord for all my sons,
I love them all Lord every one.
I’m glad that life didn’t leave me alone,
without sons to love, sons to call my own.
H.S.I. (c) 2012 - 2018.

This is a poem about my Sons both natural and spiritual.
Thank God for sons.

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