Engorged is the merciless swing of her broken hearts wrath; tempering at any utterance that dares to leave his mouth.
An attempt to absolve his mind for thinking by its only natural way, with a feeble effort at taming the beast that transforms before his eyes.
He desperately scours the planes for resolution;
                         However there be none;
Her claws extend as she salivates for the morsel yet to be devoured;
As his growing discomfort swiftly fills the air between them with the ripe scent of trepidation;
And he slowly backs away from the beast before him, into the corner that houses his hope for refuge.
                     And still she trails his steps,
Allowing no extension of fine fate to stretch out his hands;
He cowers beneath her solid frame, contorting to the corners creases;
Mere moments until his demise,
His heart pumps its final hit, bump, pound;
And with the developing undo of the beasts jaws;
Hit, bump…
Darkness descends.
                                       And there was no more.


relationships gone bad

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