One dark and stormy night
I walked a lonely street…
with many bends and turns
I would generally meet…
It was indeed
a lonesome walk
I would say…
with the fear of who I might greet,
every day.
maybe two to four feet,
a ghoul I did see.
A sullen face
I was sure i would receive.
What has come over me,
I could not believe…
for there was no face…
no eyes
to gaze at,
no lips,
nor nose.
I did
what any would do,
I turned my head
with a quiver and yelp
and ran past the ghoul,
looking for any kind of help.
To my dismay,
now only inches away...
I saw another ghoul in sight!
and it was at that very moment
I thought…
oh why didn’t I turn right?
this time I would tell myself
to not get a fright...
I would approach this thing,
and let it ring true,
that I would not be afraid,
not of anyone,
not even of you.
And so I did just that...
I walked one step,
then two…
and what I saw
when face to face with this ghoul
you would ask?
“It’s me!” I did say,
it wasn’t even a mask.
It was since that very day,
no monster I’d dare
scare me away...
no goblin nor ghoul,
I would stay true,
because since that very day,
I’ve found,
we can all be monsters...
even me and you.


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over 3 years

Thank you very much :)

over 3 years

love it!

over 3 years

Thank you :)

Robert L. Martin
over 3 years

Good story, compelling.

over 3 years

Thank you very much for your feedback. I think you are quite right :)

Parker Jennings
over 3 years

Good, but I think it would be even better to use strong line-breaks and chop up the sentences so they don't look so run-offish (especially the second paragraph; letting the other half of a sentence break off onto its own line would emphasize the rhyme and structure of the entire piece).Also, nice to have some monster poetry in this wonderful month of October. Well done

over 3 years

Thank you so much

over 3 years

Love it!

over 3 years

Thank you very much :)

R. L. McCallum
over 3 years

Nicely rendered!

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