We study to learn 
lest we be buried in the knowledge of nothing,
and still we learn 
to study nothing of the knowledge.
I sit in winter with words that do not heat me 
while adding the snowflakes that fall 
between me,
beside me, before me,
measuring the white influence
against the black of the night,
disguising i’m a worm
in this bird cage called life. 
I wonder of stencils and chalk... 
as someone behind me begins to talk,
this language I know 
“Ich bin hungrig”
I reply with a shrug 
and a gesture of no.
I hoped to have learned everything 
I thought I needed to know, 
to survive in this jungle 
of rubbish dumps and Merlot
I am this 
with the feeling of that...
I will never know where life may go
but for G-d’s sake
take me with you!

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D. Thurmond   aka  JEF (James Everett Falcon)
over 3 years

Nice ending.

over 3 years

Thank you :)


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