A Request

Brother/Sister Poets
I am personally seeking
Your varied assistance
As I make my way
Through my divorce
I am experiencing
An intense splitting of self
And I find myself seeking
Inspiration in the visions
Of my poetic kin
You who have traversed
This heartrending landscape
Who’s experiences and markers
Might prove effective
In making my way
Through this solitary pilgrimage
This dark night of the soul
If you are like me
Your nature seeks
The written word
To saturate the senses
And set you free
Here is your chance
To leave your scratch
A marker for others
On the dreaded map
Of harmonys schism  
Who knows
Perhaps others
Sojourning the shores
Of marital dissonance
Will find your songs
A comforting beacon as well
Many Thanks:)
note: Please leave a link to your songs in the comments below.

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about 1 year

Going through that right now. Thanking the Muses for Poetry and Music where I also bury myself. Somehow your whole life pass before your eyes. That past life with your partner. And even if you knew all was doomed, the sentence falls like a ton of bricks. Trying to focus on anything and being brave. In moments like these i'm more aware of myself than ever...and I surprised myself. This is when I break my limits and define new ones. Wish me luck.

Cory Garcia
Cory Garcia
about 1 year

Prayers Chactas

The Muses will hold you as long as you let them

Use them
Let them provide sustenance in the now

Take Root when you are able as you are able

abide the drift whenever it occurs

Let it carry you simple and pure from shore to shore


your base self

Seek within
your lowest parts

Observe and trace every edge

Until you truly know the foreign land called self

When you can observe its nobility - make it your foundation and be lost no more

Only then
Will you truly be




Safe Journey :)

D. Thurmond   aka  JEF (James Everett Falcon)
about 5 years

The third one was the charm. I learned to bury myself in work and other things that consumed my mind. A spot of Rum with friends helped, until the next morning, rum can hurt a lot...

over 5 years

Thank you Sandi. She got everything she asked for, so I hope she is happy.

over 5 years

Thanks. But it did not start like that. My initial reaction was anger and resentment, bordering on hatred. But later on, I figured it was probably all for the best.

Angel Lady (Sandi Guidotti)
over 5 years

I read your poem. Aww! Very romantic yet also very, very sad. I wish it would have turned out as a forever romance, but they only exist for some. Certainly not you or I. You were very forthcoming and owned up to your faults. I'm sure she does have her side of the story. I can tell you that when ever I would run into someone who we both knew. Of course I was the bad one. He'd tell them he was poor as I was a gold digger. I was dragging him through the courts for all these years. I wouldn't end this marriage. Truth be told I never did him dirty as he did me. I stayed true and honest throughout my almost 6 year ordeal. Im sure he wasn't home crying and wondering where money was going to come for his next meal. When people would tell me all these lies, they knew I never did any of that to him. I was fair and never should have been made to suffer emotionally and most of all financially. My dear son has helped me and if it wasn't for him, I think I wouldn't be here. I'm truly sorry things didn't work out for you both. A wonderful poem written very honestly. God Bless, Sandi.

Cory Garcia
over 5 years

I liked your approach. Very adept at conveying your overall feeling and it comes across as very emotionally mature.

Cory Garcia
over 5 years

Thank you sister poet. I am glad you are now able to focus on the peace you deserve.

over 5 years

A poem I wrote but I dare not post in this blog summarizes my 42-year old love affair, which ended after forty years of marital "bliss". This is my side of the story, which doubtless she has her side as well. My children are all grown, still they hurt just as much...

Angel Lady (Sandi Guidotti)
over 5 years

I was married for 40 years when I started my divorce in 2009. Treated like a nobody instead of a wife. He cheated on me all of those years. (Of course I didn't know, thought perhaps maybe once or twice) I felt like I was in a prison. But was controlled to endure a pain I wish on no other soul. I was trapped because I loved him but he never loved me. That is no way to live. One cannot make another love them. Oh how I tried. Yet when I finally found out the truth of him cheating with the proof in my hand, I had enough. It's now 2015 and though no lawyer would take my case to trial or go the route of divorce. I had to settle for a legal separation. To me it is like a divorce. Thankfully my sons were grown men so I need no contact with this Devil as he's never been a man. Dragged me down so low for almost 6 years and why? Because of his control. He controlled his lawyers, the courts and I lost out each time because the lawyers want their money. Why did no one take my case to trial? Because they made $45,000.00 always promising me we were almost there. They couldn't make that much money if it were all to end. So I suffered through not only his abuse but the abuse of the court system. There wasn't even a group to turn to for help. If you feel your lawyer is not representing you and you go to the bar, no other lawyer would come near your case. So I had to struggle trying to end this marriage. While the lawyers played golf and had lunch together. Emotions do not come into play in a divorce. That's what I was told by the lawyers. Really! I even have a physiologist who couldn't believe what I was forced to endure. I would never marry again that is for sure. No need for another as I am finally free. Time to see what life has in store for me. I plan to live on my terms and not on anyone else's. I'm sure your divorce is over Cory, if not I hope yours is easier than mine. And yes you do have small children. They shouldn't be caught in the middle. You are a good father Cory. I wish you all the best. Sandi.

Cory Garcia
over 7 years

On your birthday?!?
Yep my 3 angels are still pretty young...i am taking them to counseling which is helping them... and i am getting a lot of support...
taking care of the family has always come pretty easy... the difficult part has been this frickin heart of mine... its not really hurting or broken its just not the same...thanks brother!

james matthew coleman
over 7 years

Our growth never ceases, even if at times it's painful..... If you have little ones that are still at home, co-parenting skills are a priority.... It's hard not to lash out when you're hurting, but practice patience, and find the positives in everything...... My divorce was finalized, stamped, and made official on my birthday! hahaha! Best b-day gift ever! ..... For both of us :)

Danny MF'n Stone
over 7 years

haha glad ya liked it! The Peppers are awesome. Incubus is some good chill music also. Wish I could have been there at the concert man. One day when I get my shit together I'll be able to travel.

Cory Garcia
over 7 years

lol that was AWESOME!!!Ive been going the way of Red Hot Chilli Peppers - under the bridgehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?...After my brother was murdered and how everything went down something changed inside of me...I just focus on the ministry and my little angels... when i find myself going numb I fire the passion up... and when i need to when no one is around i howl at the moon :)note: the concert was a huge success... the town totally rocked... wish you could have been there with us bro!

Cory Garcia
over 7 years

I always look forward to hearing from you brother!Its quite the experience... there is a lingering remnant within that beckons me to the land of the lost and unfeeling... when it hits I quickly call on my sisters... occasionally the child within longs to be held and cry so i take him out and show him a good time so he can feel safe... I try to keeps it simple... I have this burning passion for life all life in its myriad of forms so whether of the soul or the spirit (always hoping for both - Eve) i choose to embrace it and enjoy the days of joy and even the nights spent howling at the moon...I learned long ago feelings are neither right nor wrong... its what we do with themnow I am learning that when in a situation that is wasteful... and there is nothing you can truly do... dont dig through the rubble... because that is time to find safe harbor and to focus on creating something worth creating...

over 7 years

Hey Cory, I've not been divorced but there seems to be a lot of goodwill, wisdom and anticipation of peaceful progression from your brother poets here.
I would just add that you are a fountain of artistic passion and whilst your love towards your recent partner is unquestioned I hope you are now free to direct that passion less exclusively and that you can feel it returned to you as you deserve.You probably worked out I don't use this as my main site, mostly due to frustration over comment delay but I do look in and I am always struck by your attitude. I know it is hard to maintain our 'poetic attitude' in to 'real' life but it is invaluable as a tool to keep our goals in the forefront of our minds. Kudos to you Cory...'stilt

Danny MF'n Stone
over 7 years

Hey anything I can do to help a brother out.

Danny MF'n Stone
over 7 years


Cory Garcia
over 7 years

cause it was well writted by the one n only Danny MF'n Stone!

Cory Garcia
over 7 years

copy that brother thank you for the wisdom and the scratch on the map!awesomely conveyed :)

Danny MF'n Stone
over 7 years

A song, Tyler Farr's "redneck crazy" haha. May seem silly but I liked it.

Danny MF'n Stone
over 7 years

Oh I get why ya faved "fight or flight now.

Danny MF'n Stone
over 7 years

A song about divorce,
Well my singing voice does bring the dogs around howling in full force,
So I reckon a tune I will decline,
As to a rip or rhyme,
Or lyric well timed,
I'll give these words from within,
To help fit pieces of this puzzle your in,
It will hurt, 
It will be hard,
All those sentimental feelings you have for her just discard,
No matter how much you want to scream and shout,
No matter how fast you want out,
Remember this is not just you this is about,
Just relax, take your time and go the long route,
Coming from experience,
Quick women and deep drinks are only a temporary friend,
It will come back to bite you in the end.

Cory Garcia
over 7 years

It happens to some not all
The changing of colors like leaves of the fall
The truth of the matter is we must answer the call
Lest we spend our lives behind pinkys wall
Praying for someone
To break us outI pray you never experience it brother...

Cory Garcia
over 7 years

Thank you :) Loved the song!

over 7 years

We are all kin to the quill; if ever the need arises you can count on talking to me.

Cory Garcia
over 7 years

Thank you brother :) I can sense the hope for growth...Your story reminds me of Spurgeon...So surely as the stars are fashioned by his hands, and their orbits fixed by him, so surely are our trials allotted to us: he has ordained their season and their place, their intensity and the effect they shall have upon us...

Norman Goldstein
over 7 years

My divorce was at my age of 47 after 26 years of marriage.I am now almost 83 and with three very good children from my marriage keeping a good relationship with my ex wife was necessary then and still is and therefore something we both worked on..we both had happy lives after the divorce...we both met many people and she remarried and I did not and I am indeed satisfied with that decision.
I can not give advise because the times are very different and the shame we both felt at the failed attempt is lessened with the change in values now. I remember well having to tell my parents that we were splitting up with my face red with the sense of failure, I felt then ,but the disappointment in them I expected never came ...Looking back...we both went on to happy lives and indeed picked more suitable partners. Marriage is not a trap but in my case and my wife's it was a chance to change, grow and choose more wisely all relationships. Indeed I thank my ex wife for her courage and me for mine.

Cory Garcia
over 7 years

WoW brother! This is good stuff and very insightful... thank you for taking the time to share your experiences :)

steven t.
over 7 years

My divorce was an opportunity to live by my creed that "happiness"
is not something you can give to someone, not even the one you love the most
and have committed yourself to for life...it is only something you can share
from the deepest parts of your being and you must know the true nature of your
own happiness and how reach it by yourself. But the even bigger obstacle if you
achieve this ability is finding someone who has also achieved that for
themselves and I'm afraid that may take more time then most of us have
available in this mortal environment. It was imperative that i let go to let
her seek her happiness regardless of the hell i would endure in that process.
Every circumstance is different, but the reality is you will survive until you
don't...like everyone else...and what you do with that survival time is up to

over 7 years

WOW but sadly enough i have nothing called experience on this and i hope in the future when this happens to me, would do nothing but stand above.

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