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It raises the question
to desire and be desired
is that all there is
like a moth to a flame
what language of love is to be sought
surely not all by proximity is wrought the truest of realities
tis noble for some
possibly for all a crutch
but the truth of us all
is that no one is an island
the solitude that kills the soul
is the most severe
and to be avoided
it is better to seek desire
to give oneself to passion
in every endeavor
knowing all the while
that no matter where we go
there we are...

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Patricia May Neiderer
over 6 years

:) thank you
it sure would be nice to know how one is to know

Patricia May Neiderer
over 6 years

stuck in another country
without a passport

Cory Garcia
over 6 years

nope... a wise person once told me... that the reason you feel it so strongly... is because they are out there... right now looking for you too...
your Adam is out there... and he is going to love every second with you...

Patricia May Neiderer
over 6 years

i think i lost my chance :(
-i think my writings are my soul's
way of crying out, for what could have been......

Cory Garcia
over 6 years

who knows... maybe i am not meant to find her... maybe i am simply meant to write about the search... and to enjoy my poetic brothers and sisters...i do hope that is not the case :)

Cory Garcia
over 6 years

I agree... i have 3 little angels i get to enjoy :)

over 6 years

Nice Cory.A good woman,family,that's the way to go

Patricia May Neiderer
over 6 years

you need a whole
jar of lightning bugs
to find the one

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