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Hey mister
Where are you going
While she’s showing
Her wares on the corner
Hey lady
Why are you pretending
So condescending
While they try to own and disown her
Hey sister
Why are you judging
While she’s trudging
Each day a mourner at her own waking
Hey brother
Why are you staring
While she’s fearing
Of tomorrows new found aches
Hey father
Why are you hiding
While she’s confiding
Of a lack of and more than a hug
Hey mother
Why are you crying
Always lying
About the girl who never sleeps with her clothes on
The Truth Is
Her lines are perfect
For more than a bed
Her covers blown
Still she wants to be read
Fast and hard
Or slow with meaning
Each day breathed in
Like a page turned in a braille bible
Till then she’ll dance
All night long
And for a price
She’ll sing her song
While she waits for the one
Who truly wants to listen
To the girl
Whose heart cries
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Cory Garcia
about 5 years

Robert: Absolutely... Its open to several perceptions but that is the story I had in mind as I wrote it

Robert L. Martin
about 5 years

Is this about a prostitute? I love your poem. It is a great story. I love the imagery. Well done.

anubis love anderson
over 6 years

Im always here

Cory Garcia
over 6 years

Thank you :)

anubis love anderson
over 6 years

Yeah she is

Cory Garcia
over 6 years

She is very talented!

anubis love anderson
over 6 years

You two are great

anubis love anderson
over 6 years

This was unxpectly good

Cory Garcia
almost 7 years

Thank you sister poet :)

Angel Lady (Sandi Guidotti)
almost 7 years

Most beautiful write. Thanks for sharing.

Cory Garcia
about 7 years


Patricia May Neiderer
about 7 years

no going around the bush here
picking the posies to expose
the bleeding tears - sear
with the hot rung a rose
left dripping with the memories
trying to play paper dolls
to no avail it's takes sail
drifting away on the tip of the air
just out of reach so they all stare
i cringe under the eyes
not sure of my disguise
with no more pages to turn
the longing in me continues to burnno history road map
can show me the way
but your words i will lay
in my lap-the dept of communication
in layers as you dance off the words - the hidden meanings
overflows the falls of my heart
a womb of possibility's rising
releasing the ignition - smitten

Cory Garcia
about 7 years

The light dawns
In the waking
Her making
Her longing
Her water of life
Spilt in effortless creationEyes closed
Wordless breaths
Speaking volumes
Into singular moment
A gentle pool of wine
Ignighting the phoenixEvery possibility open
Heavenly transcendence
She climbs into the womb
Of death and rebirth
The pressures of existence
Released into and uponThe Scorched Earth
Of futures passed
And come againCome again
The dawning
The wakingThe
Life(Will work on this one... thanks)

Patricia May Neiderer
about 7 years

stuck on a moat
not owning a goat
she longs
at her making
hoping in waking
the light will dawn

Cory Garcia
about 7 years

This one is dear to me too...Thank you brother

james matthew coleman
about 7 years

no doubt one of my favorites... feels like home brother... amazing piece

Cory Garcia
about 7 years

Thanks for the kind review brother

Mr. Mays
about 7 years

man, that was very interesting and enlightening. Thank you for bringing that to the light.

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