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(The Seamstress and the Hatter II)** the NarratorSeries
1 - Quite the Pair
2 - Skin and Bones
3 - Off With Their Heads
4 - Hell Hath No Fury... A Seamstress Scorned
5 - The Hunt Begins

** the Narrator catches us up with story (the Narrator sings)
note: Links to each poem in subtitle
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(1st Month)
Found before the mad chaps soul had chance to say hello
In rusty cage the Seamstress lies
Easily captured by the one eyed jack and their suicidal king
Then brought before the Mean Hearts Queen without an alibi
Stripping off all she possessed till only the shoes remained
Left on as evidence of her youthful sin
Left standing there in her– Skin and Bones
(2nd Month)
Heart starved after many a moon the Seamstress has not fed
On anything but the cake mercifully found between her knees
Her laces hung on lonely bars in front of vacant eyelets
Searching for her opening offering the quick tease
Keeping those who should be guarding her entertained
To the sounds of their “pretty baby plees”
To them she’s nothing but– Skin and Bones
(3rd Month)
Succumbing to the numbing the Seamstress wonders how long its been
Day after day highlighted by her continuous filling of cake
Not knowing where the sweetness comes from
Though it is always there when she awakes
Thinking no one cares enough to rescue her no one for her will come
Trying hard to convince herself these scraps are better than starving
While desiring to be desired for more than the carving of her– Skin and Bones
(4th Month)
In her honest confessions the Seamstress admits she’s starting to like it
Flirting with the surface digging shallow holes like a child
Pacifying herself when she thinks no one is looking
Beguiled riled reviled and restyled
By wild thoughts no man could live up to
All the while taking inventory keeping track of what she is hiding
The vulnerable treasure residing beneath her– Skin and Bones
(5th Month)
In a selfish world like this the Seamstress wonders how she will survive
Stretching the confines of her quickening cage and hating the fact that she wants more
Than it seems anyone can give her
Abhorring the hardcore warring the constant backdooring she gropes for
The dance floors the shoe stores that caught her eye before
She learned to know their desires
Better than her own– Skin and Bones
(6th Month)
The Seamstress doesn’t know who she is anymore her world turned upside down
Singing their songs one day and the next back against the wall like a fighter
Caged and ready to bite the first hand that tries to touch her
Uselessly fighting for respect cause they are not done yet with their endless allnighters
Their wishing she was brighter whiter and the lighter of their evil wicks
No she is not bothering to wonder anymore where the food on the table comes from
Just as long as it is there when she wakes up to her broken– Skin and Bones
(7th Month)
The Seamstress knows the rusty cage of her broken life
Wont hold her forever anymore than these others
The weight of sisters and brothers fathers and mothers
The walls of her mind beaten and changed for anothers
The shattered pieces virally rearranging pleasure and pain
Amidst the shouts and whispers smothering her cage
Tasting bile tasting rage her thoughts spiral beneath her now infected– Skin and Bones
(8th Month)
Stone skinned and convinced she is no longer afraid
Who can get to the heart of her now that it is surrounded by an everlasting abyss
Created by their vulgar hearts vomited minds vile souls and virtueless bodies
Just when all hope had gone... Whats this?!?
A saw in the soul of the old man shoe placed mercifully on this mornings cake
Who furnished this sweet candied kiss vengeful bliss hissing with each soulful kiss
Someday she’ll find the blessed cake maker the one who saved her the one who kept fed her– Skin and Bones
(9th Month)
He snuck into the cell as he often did in his mad silent way
Hoping that the heart queen’s broken misused toy would be gone
The Seamstress whose soul and laces he has tirelessly tried to free
There he was pleased to see all guards accounted for debris picked upon by carrion
Floor iced in liquid red shoes all there except for his
Stuffed the shoes were in every hole of the bloody hell spawn overdrawn
And etched upon most jaggedly drawn on their flesh the words– Skin and Bones

A nine month ordeal resulting in the birth/creation of the Dark Hero know as the Seamstress... While not THE origin story for the Seamstress this is meant to set up the reasoning behind her vengeful actions against the Mean Hearts Queen and the basis for the phrase "The Heart hath no fury like a Seamstress scorned"
- Seamstress captured before the Hatter can find her
- Seamstress placed in jail by the Mean Hearts Queen
- The Hatter sneaking in his cakes to keep the Seamstress alive
- The Seamstress uses the old man shoe to saw through the cage and the vile guards
- The Seamstress escapes having not met the Hatter or knowing who helped her...

Rhyme scheme:
that of the Narrator... lines 2 4 sometimes 6 rhyme

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Danny MF'n Stone
almost 7 years

Good luck, I'm sure you will

Cory Garcia
almost 7 years

Thanks brother! I am hoping to continue the story for years to come :)

Danny MF'n Stone
almost 7 years

Sorry, that comment to amber, was supposed to go to you bro.

Danny MF'n Stone
almost 7 years

Wow, impressive, love it.

Amber M. Royse
almost 7 years

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Cory Garcia
almost 7 years

:) Can you even name one person who has been disappointed in your writing lol

Amber M. Royse
almost 7 years

Thank you ! I'm glad you aren't disappointed ! :)

Cory Garcia
almost 7 years

Thanks!!! Loving your book!!!

Amber M. Royse
almost 7 years

Amazing ! I love the story !!!

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