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(The Seamstress and the Hatter IV) ** the CrierSeries
1 - Quite the Pair
2 - Skin and Bones
3 - Off With Their Heads
4 - Hell Hath No Fury... A Seamstress Scorned
5 - The Hunt Begins

** message found posted throughout the kingdom (sung by the Crier)
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When in the course of the Hearts events
It becomes necessary to dissolve the dogmatic ties
That rule us without consent
When tyranny itself is decriminalized
And a life’s true and rightful course
Is perverted by oppressive force
When personal rights are subjected by the Hearts dictation
When bodies incompliantly are forced into starvation
When the Five Pillars by pikes are grossly adorned
Amidst mock trials and threats of annihilation
Hear Them Cry... The Heart Hath No Fury like A Seamstress Scorned
There can be no other classification
For the constant dehumanization
Of brothers and sisters forced to mourn
While the Heart bathes in bloody coagulation
Hear Them Cry... The Heart Hath No Fury like A Seamstress Scorned
Tis true the Seamstress escaped their perverse imprisonment
Tis true the Seamstress has carved their sin upon prideful hides
Tis true the Seamstress has donned the flag of malcontent
Amidst thirteen stars circling emerges the fiery war bride
This new constellation now the source
Thirteen landscapes to reinforce
The Hearts final bloody abdication
The Mean Hearts Queen will be paid in full... her final compensation
You have been warned
Prepare yourself for the final confrontation
Hear Them Cry... The Heart Hath No Fury like A Seamstress Scorned
You will not see her coming upon her Trojan horse
The Hearts attention divided into fourths
Split by the Seamstress’s cracked congregation
Gathered up for the celebration
When with one snip the pillars spangled crowned... the Mean Heart dehorned
Thus beginning your bloody reigns culmination
Hear Them Cry... The Heart Hath No Fury like A Seamstress Scorned

After the killing of the 5 pillars... this message is found mounted throughout the kingdom...sometimes on parchment hung on trees... on buildings... other times stuffed in the mouths of dead guards whose skin has been etched upon the words "Skin and Bones"...

the message is always signed by "the Crier"...

It seems the Seamstress has become a symbol for those wanting an end to the Hearts reign...

Rhyming Scheme:
That of the Crier (traditional Royal Chant)
ababccddedE ddedE ababccddedE ccddedE

note: Some of this was inspired by the story of Betsy Ross (the seamstress of the U.S. flag)

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Cory Garcia
almost 7 years

Thank you :)I love how your poems are like psalms :)

Julia W
almost 7 years

I love how your poems are like story's :) beautiful job

Cory Garcia
almost 7 years

Thanks brother... the constrictions of these rhyming schemes is a fun challenge

almost 7 years

Wow! very well spotted cory

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