I dont know the fucking answer

Maybe i could sing,
or i can shout.
Maybe i should scream!
Just to Work it out.
I dunno which way is up.
The wave that came,
thats just my luck.
But i’ll fight and i’ll swim,
No i wont let go....
I dont know the answers
but no bodys knows.
You think it’d be easy to see
what i see
but you judge him based on
no versions from me.
He’s my gold.
He makes me whole....
I’m his sheild
to the demons, helping him reach his goal.
The wind that blows,
it leaves us cold,
but still my dear.
you hold me warm.
People push me to think,
of the dark they claim to see.
But dont see,
the light i’v grow to know,
deep down he glows.
Whats inside his heart is gold.
Everyone tells me to let go!
But no body knows whats inside his soul.
No body knows the deep dark corners i know.
Not in him but in my  very own.
His heavy leaded weight down soul.
Scerets building hiding, he makes me not alone.
No body see’s the dark inside of me,
next to him the white clean skin but its so easy,
to hide a stain on something already dark.
He was clean white unstained at the start.
No body knows him like i do.
I’m the dark,
he’s just the one your eye was drown to.
People don’t see,
we’ve all sinned,
all stained,
soiled little humans.

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Robert L. Martin
almost 5 years

Love can can open up your eyes and heart. Well done


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