I dont know what to write
when i cant tell sun from moon light
when words leave a taste in my mouth
meaning im so angry i can’t scream it out
and its like my body has become a prison
like i don’t know if it will make the distance
like im pleading someone listen
can you hear it? Rebellion glistens.
Looming on the horizon
valhallas hall is open
guns firing into the streets outside
bombs blowing up babies,
no one is safe, this is not a life!
Where we all run and hide.
And i wanna make a stand
but these legs cant let me see
over the dick heads ruling these counties.
If id you here, we’d be a dream team
youd carry me.
My muscle my soldier in war.
I’ll be the nurse love driven to your door.
I swear through war and plight,
I’ll be you guide, you’re light.
As long as you hold me tight,
i’ll make it through the fall of this country tonight.
100 years have past,
since we lost,
but fought at last.
And we gained freedom
from greater foes... so long ago.
I feel like I was there,
you have the scars to bare.
100 years ago,
Easter Sunday fell,
The Irish rebels yelled
“We are the Irish brothers here we stand hand in hand”
and then they fell.
They gained us a country,
But we drove it to hell.

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Dani Davis
almost 5 years

Thanks everyone for your comments! I agree robert its a shame we throw away everything we get giving and sadly it is just that jenifer and thank you cory it means alot!

Cory Garcia
almost 5 years

Love this!

J Ann Crowder
almost 5 years

This is the repeated story of history.

Robert L. Martin
almost 5 years

We drove it to hell, alright. Why can't we appreciate what they made for us? Why do we always have to be so restless? Why can't we be satisfied with what we have?

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