My nanny loved dogs
She was terrified of them
But not a bone in her body hated anything
When she got the news paper the weeks when I was 14
Demanding a second dog
To keep Toby going
She had seen adoption week
She gave me the pages
So happy in her self to help me
Cause that’s what she would do
And that’s how we got you.
When my mam rang the rescues she wanted the three legged terrier to match Toby
She asked who didn’t get much visits and we where told you
She looked at you with terrier the picture in the paper making you look quite big
But you where between small and medium then.
When you came you charged through our garden
Toby was quite annoyed
His ears up the whole time wondering why you where here
You are the fence I lost my phone when you pulled off your lead
You sneaked up stairs and are my new phone as I got ready for school
My mam though you could Bing her her slippers cause you could be trained
You where silly but smart as a pup
You bro tigh her those slippers chewed to a pulp
And then when Toby passed you where older smarter
Funnier and more loved than life
You Bonnie my 13 year old child
Are the reason iv lived this long at all
Many don’t understand
How you would confort me
Drying tears with drool
And doing and trick asked of you
(Unless it was the paw as you’d always fall on your face)
You always set fully
Your back legs to long for your front
And when December came you nearing 13
Your back gave out
We tried the steroids the rest
We brought ou for a lumber puncture test
And two days on
Your in more pain
Your back legs may never work again
And this kills me
Like the loss of a child
People won’t understand and they will ask why
I cry on the bus writing this
Cause I’m gonna miss you
But if love could have saved you
You would live on forever
Toby will be waiting
Missing you cause you two where clever
So I’ll hold you paw
As the needle kicks in
Your just going asleep
My pet my friend we will meet again

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